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2Partner has designed, developed, and written small group math lessons for students elementary through high school. 2PSG lessons are designed to engage students and teachers in conceptual mathematics through the use of manipulatives, models and visual supports. 2PSG lessons have an intentional design for teacher preparation, lesson delivery and student engagement. The predictable design of these lessons support effective delivery by a range of educators including classroom teacher, interventionist, tutor, or support person as they move students toward proficiency in math.


Small groups in mathematics are at the core of growing students in their conceptual content knowledge in order to build towards grade level understanding and mastery. We know that students who are struggling with grade level, standards based content can benefit from intentionally planned, data driven, and consistent small group instruction using conceptually based math learning experiences.  


The 2PSG  lessons are packaged in a series  of three coherent lessons that build upon each other providing students more opportunities to access grade level standards. Each lesson includes the following. 

  • Connection to the standards and the big idea for the series content. 
  • A short intellectual preparation section that guides the instructor through the big idea, a model or visual and some common student conceptions or misconceptions with the math. 
  • A Sample problem that allows the instructor to do the math of the problem that they will use with students prior to lesson delivery. 
  • Exemplar samples that provide the instructor with an answer key and multiple ways to solve problems. 
  • “Favorite Mistake” samples that provide the instructor with insight into common errors prior to lesson delivery. 
  • A predictable lesson flow that allows students’ cognitive energy to be used for mathematics rather than to figure out the format of the lesson delivery.  
  • Clear statement of what the students will do and think about as they work independently. 
  • Daily student work problems.  Students apply the learning on the spot while teachers are available for feedback. 
  • Daily summaries where students share their work and thinking.

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As a teacher, it is great to have lessons already planned out for your small groups that are also nicely scaffolded to support all levels of your class. Each lesson is set up very similarly which helped my students jump right into the lesson because they knew what to expect. They were able to grasp concepts that they may have struggled with in class because the lessons are broken down to help build on to the next lesson. These lessons are easy for first-year teachers and veterans alike. As a classroom teacher, I highly recommend the small group lesson by 2Partner!

Abigail Crisco

5th Grade Math Teacher, Laredo Elementary School, Aurora Public Schools

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