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K-12 Math Professional Development


2Partner provides differentiated district level and school based professional development opportunities for mathematics throughout the course of the year. In partnership with districts and schools, training can be designed for teachers and/or building leaders on a variety of topics including: unit planning, lesson planning, current best practices for teaching and learning mathematics, and content delivery. 2Partner helps teachers and administrators understand that unpacking mathematics standards means doing the math and analyzing both what we have to do and think about to solve math problems that represent the standards. Mathematics professional development also means engaging in up-to-date research.  Bringing educators together to collaborate in professional learning settings and support immediate implementation of math learning in the classroom is key to improved student outcomes including  increasing student achievement.


Mathematics professional development, done right, is crucial to student mathematics achievement. As an organization, 2Partner believes that teacher time is precious and that every minute of professional development opportunity needs to be maximized. We believe that teachers and leaders deserve relevant, quality, and replicable learning opportunities to develop their own practice using the most up to date mathematics research. 


  • We design a unique model of professional development that focuses on a partnership between the district, school, leaders, and teachers to encourage collaboration among colleagues in order to refine mathematics teaching and learning and level up on your framework. 
  • Teachers are provided a text to support the research and rationale for shifts in practice or new learning. Grade levels are split so that their targeted content needs are met throughout the professional development and feedback is provided so that 2Partner can continue to meet teacher needs.
  • Another key component, that is unique to our professional development model, is that we follow up professional development with on-site coaching. This enables a tight connection between what was taught, what was learned, and how it is implemented as a way to ensure a direct impact on student achievement in mathematics. 
  • Intentional time is given for teachers to do the math first and practice the key learning from the professional development BEFORE they get back to their classrooms. We believe that this supported practice and planning allows teachers to immediately take action on their new mathematics learning in support of students. ….that doing the math and practicing the math will result in better lesson delivery.

2Partner has taught me how to teach math more efficiently and give my students more opportunity to grow by allowing them to do more math.

Anonymous Classroom Teacher

Pueblo District 60

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