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What We Do

Our Mission, Vision, & Values


Improve student outcomes in mathematics by partnering with schools and school districts to develop and refine the quality of mathematics teaching, learning, and leadership. 


Raise student achievement by creating an equitable mathematics experience for all students by developing the mathematics content, coaching, and pedagogical capacity of all members of the school and district.


We believe that districts and schools can thrive when teachers and leaders are equipped with quality instructional coaching, relevant professional development tied to content and pedagogy, and authentic uses of data through analysis and action planning. 2Partner commits to upholding a collaborative, results-focused, and research-based approach to working with districts and schools.

Our Focus Areas

• Curriculum and Planning Assessments
• Intervention
• Classroom Observations
• Action Planning
• Implementation Evaluation

• Instructional Coaching
• Coach Development
• Learning Labs
• Demonstration Classrooms
• Facilitation

• Mathematics Content Development
• Instructional Coaching
• Facilitated Planning
• Data Analysis
• Demonstration Classrooms

2Partner Services

2Partner provides services that support ongoing math learning and development of students, teachers, and leaders. We work collaboratively to develop action plans of support that allow us to help districts and schools get to performance.


2Partner Small Group Lesson Curriculum

2Partner has designed small group math lessons for elementary through high school students designed to engage students and teachers in conceptual mathematics through the use of manipulatives and models.

Math Curriculum Support Documents

Developing and creating curriculum support documents that help teachers pace standards and curriculum.

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