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We help schools increase value, joy, and success in mathematics.

Mathematics and leadership consulting for districts and schools.

How We Can Help You

2Partner offers various development services that will get your math classrooms where they need to be! We support research-based instructional strategies that can be used regardless of curriculum or instructional materials. We support teachers in creating learning environments and structures that promote student thinking, student discourse, and focus on giving students the opportunity to solve problems.

Equity in Mathematics Learning

Our views on equity and access are strongly influenced by research on effective practices in mathematics including Simon’s (2006) and Simon and Tzur’s (2004) research on the mathematics of students, as well as Gutiérrez’s (2007) work that examines and redefines equity in mathematics.

We strive to go beyond definitions of mathematics content and work to enhance student voice, identity, and ownership of the mathematics classroom as equal vehicles for student achievement. 


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2Partner Services

2Partner provides services that support ongoing math learning and development of students, teachers, and leaders. We work collaboratively to develop action plans of support that allow us to help districts and schools get to performance.

Current Updates

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2Partner Small Group Lesson Curriculum

2Partner has designed small group math lessons for elementary through high school students designed to engage students and teachers in conceptual mathematics through the use of manipulatives and models.

Math Curriculum Support Documents

Developing and creating curriculum support documents that help teachers pace standards and curriculum.

Meet the Founders

Dr. Rachael Risley

Dr. Rachael Risley started her career as a teacher in an urban district in Colorado and then worked as a district level mathematics instructional coordinator. For the past four years she has specialized as a mathematics content and coaching consultant across Colorado.

Kim Broker

Prior to launching 2Partner, Kim was a teacher and math teacher leader in an urban district in Colorado. She has run multiple intervention programs across individual schools as well as directed a math intervention program, The Math Fellows Program.

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