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Tracey Shaw

2Partner Consultant and Secondary Specialist

BS Mathematics, University of Denver, CO 

MA in Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction, University of Colorado, CO

21 years of experience in Education and Leadership

I love providing students with opportunities to explore and see the beauty of mathematics, as it relates to their lives, connects to other math, and helps to explain the world.  I also love supporting teachers in creating those spaces for students in their own classrooms.  With this, comes joy and understanding for students and teachers alike.  I feel fortunate that my educational journey has allowed me to be a teacher learner through amazing professional development and then to share that knowledge with others as a leader.  


My greatest growth has come from watching and listening to my students, collaborating with colleagues, being in other teacher’s classrooms, and digging into research.  My journey has included teaching secondary mathematics, opening my classroom doors as a lab host for teachers from across the country, participating in and then leading a cross-curricular learning lab, coaching teachers K-12, and presenting about best practices in mathematics instruction.