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2Partner provides ongoing instructional math coaching for math teachers in both content and pedagogy. The instructional coaching goal is to develop teacher understanding to be equity centered in both mathematics content and pedagogy. Math coaching supports implementation and execution of the district or building math goals while also taking into account the unique needs of each individual classroom. We believe in coaching internalization of mathematics through unit planning and lesson planning alongside teachers and then supporting the delivery of those lessons during classroom instruction. We support a fluid, teacher-centered coaching model in which multiple strategies are used including, but not limited to the following: observation feedback cycles, co-teaching models, co-planning models, modeling of lessons, and peer observations. 


Teacher coaching in mathematics content and pedagogy is key to ongoing teacher development, growth, and the increase of student achievement. One-on-one coaching allows for a targeted level of support that gets to the root of what a teacher needs in order to best serve and grow their students. Working alongside teachers supports connections to their professional learning community (PLC) and implementation of district and school goals. Coaching helps teachers grow their own practice as they improve mathematics outcomes for their students. 


  • We start by listening, fostering a supportive relationship, and building a custom action plan with our teachers. 
  • To implement teacher action plans, we use coaching models that best support the growth and needs of each individual teacher. Regardless of the model, we are hands-on coaches at 2Partner. You will find us side-by-side with teachers providing observation feedback, co-teaching, co-planning, modeling of lessons, and always doing the math together. 
  • We use five instructional buckets to coach teachers in their math development; learning space, planning, content knowledge, lesson delivery and pedagogy, and intentional use of data.

With 2Partner, we have been able to create systems and routines for team unit planning, lesson planning with the 3-part lesson structure, and intentional agendas for math professional development. 2Partner has provided coaching to our leadership team and administrators, as well as teachers, in order to support math instruction and student learning school-wide.

Maddy Gebhardt

SOAR Elementary School, Denver Public Schools

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