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2Partner works with schools and districts across the nation to provide math and leadership coaching, curriculum development, and professional development. We currently partner with multiple districts, multiples schools, across multiple states, and with multiple national partners both virtually and in person. We also design and develop a variety of curriculum projects.

My passion in education is understanding how students come to develop and learn mathematics.

My passion for education is to improve the lives of students and teachers through mathematics.

Our Lead Consultants

I have a passion for supporting teachers and students in their quest to make sense of and find the joy in mathematics.

As a 2Partner Consultant I work to empower principals, teachers, and students to love math and learning while increasing student achievement.

My work in education has focused on supporting teachers, leaders and students to ensure that children see math as meaningful, joyful, and relevant to their world.

In my role as a 2Partner consultant, the greatest success I’ve had is helping teachers increase their knowledge and confidence in their math teaching and develop a sense of self-efficacy that in turn builds confidence in their students as mathematicians.

My vision and passion is that mathematics is embraced and understood deeply by both teachers and students with whom I work.

I strive to put the joy back into mathematics learning and thinking in the elementary school classroom for both students, teachers, and building leaders.

My career in education is committed to creating more equitable spaces which allow all students to reach their greatest potential.

After over 35 years in the field of education, I retired from teaching, but never stopped working to better the lives of students through developing the pedagogy of their teachers.

I spent the first five years of my career teaching first grade in an urban charter school in the greater Boston area.

My journey in education has included adventures across the United States and abroad.

I am passionate about equity and the intersections of culture, language, and identity in math teaching.

I am convinced that mathematical learning experiences and should be encouraged and celebrated.

I am a veteran classroom teacher, having taught math and science for 18 years in grades 6th-12th. 

My passion is for each and every student to achieve success in mathematics. 

I have strived to develop understanding and making sense of mathematics for teachers and students.

I love watching the light come on in students’ eyes when they make connections and the joy they feel when they can share that with others.

My greatest beliefs as an educational leader are that all students deserve great teachers and that all teachers deserve the necessary support to become great.

I love providing students with opportunities to explore and see the beauty of mathematics, as it relates to their lives, connects to other math, and helps to explain the world.

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