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Instructional mathematics leadership from district leaders and principals is a key component of increasing the capacity of mathematics within a district or school. Learning labs are opportunities throughout the year for facilitated collaboration among district leaders and principals to strengthen their understanding of math and the math block, all while assessing the current level of teacher understanding and implementation toward their district and building goals. 


Principal learning labs support leaders in engaging in high-impact action planning in order to drive mathematics content and pedagogy forward in their own buildings. We then work with district leaders, building principles, and teachers on implementing action plans for accelerating growth and proficiency. These learning days provide opportunity for cross-collaboration among principals as they open their buildings to each other for observation and reflection. Principals are provided multiple opportunities to share ideas and reflect on what is working and what can be done better at their own schools.


  • Work collaboratively with the district to identify schools that will participate in learning labs. 
  • Principals open their schools and classrooms as the host-school to other participants. 
  • Each “host” principal identifies their current building math strengths and challenges, and they guide the team to a focus that will impact their school, allowing us to provide learning opportunities to principals that are specific to their students and teachers.
  • Using a math lab protocol, principals open their schools and classrooms to other principals to conduct shared observations, shared reflection and analysis, and team and individual action planning. 
  • Each principal has the opportunity to develop their own action plan with the support of a 2Partner coach as a way to define building next steps in support of academic growth in mathematics for both teachers and students.

The process feels safe, supportive and every effort is made to tailor the support to a school’s individual needs and resources.

John Hull

Principal, Sunset Elementary School in Pueblo City Schools

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