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Intervention Program Support and Development


2Partner works with school districts to design and implement intervention programs that accelerate both growth and proficiency across elementary, middle, and high schools. The Intervention design process includes identification of program goals, use of data for student selection into intervention and exit criteria for moving out of intervention, instructor selection, identification of high quality materials, schedule design, and progress monitoring of program effectiveness. 


Providing equitable access to mathematics helps students bring access and opportunity to the learning process as well as increase student identity and power. Meeting the needs of each individual student will support their growth and development as mathematicians. We can help interventionists pinpoint math gaps and learn more about how to close those gaps quickly so that students can transition out of interventions as needed.


  • Help leaders and teachers use the right data to action plan for how to move students effectively to grade level.
  • Support interventionists and teachers in developing exit criteria for moving students out of intervention. 
  • Engage in planning and doing the math with the interventionist in order to understand the conceptual gaps of individual students and how to best utilize a 3 part small group lesson structure for intervention block lessons. 
  • Focus on physical manipulatives and visual models to get students making connections between conceptual and abstract mathematics thinking and learning. 
  • Support in data collection cycles, tracking, and developing standards aligned success criteria.

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