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Math Lead Professional Development


2Partner works with districts to create demonstration classrooms at each building. We do this through our lead lab protocol in which we have the opportunity to identify and work with math teachers who take on a “lead” role within their school. The goal of a demonstration classroom is that every building has a place where they can send other teachers to observe high-quality math instruction and have the opportunity to learn from their colleagues. Lead teacher development happens through our lead lab professional development. We have a unique protocol that provides lead teachers with authentic learning opportunities in both mathematics content and pedagogy.


One of the key success factors in developing strong mathematics instruction across a school is the ability for teachers to observe and collaborate with other teachers who exhibit strengths in math instruction in their own classrooms. The development of demonstration classrooms through lead teachers provides schools with the ability to showcase exemplar components within the math block and support developing teachers in their own buildings. We also believe in developing leadership from within a district and within a building. The math lead program provides teachers with advanced learning opportunities to grow and develop their own practice through collaboration, modeling, planning, and co-teaching. 


  • 2Partner uses an internally developed lead lab protocol that takes lead teachers through a series of content and pedagogy learning starting with collaborative planning, doing the mathematics, co-teaching a lesson, and ending with reflection and action planning.
  • We support in building showcases that enable teachers to visit lead classrooms with a specific mathematics focus and development goal in mind. We then engage in collaborative reflective conversations and action planning. 
  • 2Partner facilitates lead lab days by taking teachers through a full lesson cycle. The protocol takes teachers on a shared journey of lesson planning, lesson practice, lesson delivery, and reflection. No one teacher is responsible for the teaching, we use a “tag-team” approach that allows each participant to have a role in the day, and to “tap-out” throughout the day.
  • The greatest outcome of the lesson study is the true collegial collaboration and the transparency of the current strengths and areas for growth that live within the group.

2Partner has provided targeted, thoughtful trainings that have elevated my abilities and this has been reflected in the growth my students have demonstrated. Even through a pandemic, my students were able to demonstrate growth on the state test and our school moved from “Turnaround” status to “Performance”, a major achievement that 2Partner gets to celebrate with us. Every person who works with the company is knowledgeable, kind, and cares deeply about true learning of mathematics.

Sherenna Shelhart Apana

Math Lead and Classroom Teacher, Pueblo District 60

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