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David Schoenhals

2Partner Secondary Specialist

BS in Mathematics, Secondary Mathematics Teaching Certificate, Colorado State University MA in Diverse Learner, University of Phoenix Principal License, University of Denver 

35 years of experience in education

My greatest beliefs as an educational leader are that all students deserve great teachers and that all teachers deserve the necessary support to become great. I have had the opportunity to serve in various roles at schools and in district central office over the course of my career in K-12 education. Positions I have held include high school math teacher/building coach, secondary math district coach/coordinator, principal, and executive director. 

My work has focused on developing systems that support the development of teachers’ content understanding, instructional practices, and leadership skills through impactful job-embedded, ongoing professional learning. As a leader, I believe is it of utmost importance that I help educators to see the great work that they are already doing as well as determine their next steps as learners.