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Ally Lewis

2Partner Curriculum Specialist

MA Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education, University of Colorado Denver, CO

11 years of experience in education

I am passionate about equity and the intersections of culture, language, and identity in math teaching and learning. I served as a 4th and 5th grade math and science teacher, middle school math teacher, and K-8 mathematics instructional coach in Denver Title 1 schools, working with predominantly emergent bilingual learners. I have also supported schools and communities in Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Outside of classrooms, I have provided translations for Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and professional learning and coaching for K-8 mathematics educators across the U.S. with Open Up Resources.


I joined 2Partner in 2022 as a curriculum writer and helped to develop the Algebra 1 and 8th grade small group math lessons. Students who receive small group instruction often don’t view themselves as math learners and have had negative experiences with math. I am excited about the power of the 2PSG lessons in all grades to transform not just students’ conceptual understanding but their feelings and mindsets as well.