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Kim Broker


Elementary Education and EMBA

Ball State University, IN, and University of Denver, CO

19 years of experience in Education and Leadership

My passion for education is to improve the lives of students and teachers through mathematics. Throughout my career, I have taught grades 3rd through 6th, coached mathematics in grades K-8, and worked collaboratively with districts to scale mathematics. I’ve worked across Colorado and the U.S., developing educators in their math content and pedagogy, and training leaders in instructional coaching. Receiving my Executive MBA has allowed 2Partner to grow as a company while continuing to put students first. 

My greatest accomplishment with 2Partner is our Math Lead project, where we have been able to identify and develop a cohort of math teachers to excel in their practice and develop other teachers. I believe talent lies within and is often underdeveloped or under-resourced. Through on-site lesson studies, professional development, and ongoing coaching, this cohort of teachers has proven their talent and will rise to the challenge to do better by their students!